StatueOfUnity - Gujrat Bike Trip

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Things to remember #

  1. This place takes up your whole day as there are multiple attractions around and there is no guidance as to what order should be followed.

  2. Book a 4pm slot for the Statue and then you can go in the below order: Cactus Garden, Best View, Jungle Safari, Pets Zone, Valley of Flowers, Lunch break, Statue campus, Statue of Unity and Gallery, Laser show and then Glow Garden.

  3. Carry water bottle as the water inside is free, bottle costs 50 bucks. (This is business)

  4. Carry winter wear if visiting during December 🥶

  5. The roads are amazing if you are bike riding ❤️

above list is curated by @spybugg ~ deepak singh ~

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